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Congratulations Maryanne!

Maryanne is the winner of Je Suis Femme's Ultimate Makeover Competition!

Congratulations to all of our finalists - Michelle, Jessie, Sandra, Brooke, Catherine, Susan, Margaret, Laura andCarmel! We hope you enjoyed your mini-facials!

The winners of the 5 La Clinica Gly C Refine Body Kits were Riana, Melissa, Amanda, Sonia and Hazel! Congratulations ladies, we hope you enjoy your prizes.

You can keep up to date with the Maryanne's makeover via our Facebook page.

The girls at JSF will be using the La Clinica organic skin care range and the Youngblood Mineral cosmetic line to complete the makeover. Here is a list of the luxury treatments Maryanne will be receiving over the next 8 weeks... 

Week 1: Deluxe Facial, eyebrow waxing, shaping & tinting
Week 2: Deluxe Facial with Gly C Peel, Manicure with Shellac
Week 3: Deluxe Facial, Pedicure
Week 4: Eyebrow waxing, shaping, tinting, Deluxe Facial with Gly C Peel
Week 5: Spray Tan, Deluxe Facial
Week 6: Body wrap and scrub, Full Body Massage, Deluxe Facial with Gly C Peel
Week 7: Deluxe Facial, Anti-Wrinkle Eye Treatment, Pedicure
Week 8: Deluxe Facial with Gly C Peel, Manicure with Shellac, Full Body Spray Tan, Eyebrow waxing, shaping & tint, complete Makeover with Youngblood Makeup.

Maryanne will also be provided with a Facial Home Care Kit, Facial Scrub, Facial Mask, Gly C Body Kit, and Body Butter from the La Clinica range to be used as home care during the 8 week period.

Stay tuned to Facebook for weekly updates about the makeover, photo's, product info and testimonials from Maryanne as well as exclusive offers on our featured treatments and products.

Each week we will have one featured treatment which will be discounted for the entire week - just remember to mention the Ultimate Makeover to receive your discount! We will also have some great product specials and the launch of our new sample packs!

At the end of the 8 weeks we will be holding an exclusive unveiling party - more info and details on how to score an invite will be released shortly!

We would like to say a big thank you to everyone who entered - we received an overwhelming response and hundreds of entries!

And here are our lovely finalists...





















And here our their lovely testimonials...

"I feel very relaxed, my therapist was friendly, polite and informative." - Sandra Murtagh

"My skin feels clean and refreshed. I'm feel relaxed and the salon is very welcoming. The therapist was friendly and helpful." - Maryanne Sule

"My skin felt amazing after my facial. The redness from my cheeks was gone as well as the dry flakey eyebrows and hairline. It was smooth, hydrated and fresh. I just love the miracle relief serum!!!
My stress has been very high of late being a widowed single mother and the facial calmed my mind and body. The decadent arm and hand massage was especially bliss.
The salon is tranquil and calming, the staff friendly and knowledgeable. The heated treatment bed, to die for. All in all, the facials are fast becoming a must have part of my stress management as a single mum. My therapist Bec is just great. Calm, quiet & soothing. Always gives me great advise and explains ways to deal with my concerns. Thoroughly satisfying and highly recommended!!!" - Michelle Zoethout

"The mini facial made my skin feel smooth and soft and full of moisture. I felt relaxed, calm, energised and sexy. The salon had a relaxed atmosphere, was inviting and the service was inviting." - Jessie Boan

"The salon and staff were very nice and welcoming, i felt so relaxed and pampered. After the facial my skin felt light and refreshed!" - Susan Yarligan

"My skin feels soft and clean. I feel very relaxed after the mini facial. The salon is fantastic and the therapists take great care in making you feel special! Thank you!" - Catherine Elson

"Thanks Belinda. My skin feels really fresh and hydrated. The facial was so relaxing, I didn't want it to end! I think the salon is great and the therapists are very knowledgeable, professional and lovely all at the same time. I will definitely keep coming back to Je Suis Femme." - Margaret Gauntlett

"My skin feels beautiful and soft. It doesn't feel dry like it did before hand. The salon looks amazing and the therapists were all so friendly and helpful. My therapist really knew the products and what was suited for me. I feel very relaxed!" - Carmel Samuels

"I feel relaxed, what a wonderful start to the holidays! Michelle was fabulous. Her product knowledge and suggestions were great. The salon has a calming affect as soon as you walk in and me skin feels super smooth and hydrated!" -Laura Jones

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